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What We Do:

We specialize in booking, producing and packaging talent for film and television. We are a premiere “boutique” casting company that specializes in search casting. Our most recent casting credits include: Warner Brothers Pictures, Universal, Amblin Entertainment, Sony Pictures, Columbia Entertainment, HBO, National Geographic, History Channel, Science Channel, Bravo, HGTV, and more!

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the best way to receive updates about your office's casting searches?

The best way to reach our casting team is to email our office directly at delisicreative@gmail.com. To be added to our casting Listserv, put ATTN DC (Your First & Last Name) City/State in the subject line, provide a brief blurb about yourself, and submit an updated photo and audition materials. We will add you to our registrar of actors and we routinely send out emails in regards to our latest casting searches!

How can I check my audition status for your office's searches?

If there’s further interest in your audition, our Casting Directors will contact you. There is no need to contact us & inquire about your status. It doesn’t “help” by inquiring – we appreciate you following directions regarding this. We’re unable to contact people to say their audition isn’t going further. We will only pursue you if your audition continues. If so, there will be callbacks, meetings, requirements, etc. No one is cast on this audition alone!

What is the best way to send in a self-taped audition?

For larger searches, please follow the casting website’s specific instructions. Dropbox, WeTransfer, Hightail, and OneDrive are the preferred methods for file sharing for self-tapes. If we have any issues viewing your tape or additional questions, our office will reach out to you or your agent directly in regards to your submission.

How can I stay connected with your office?

For current and future casting search updates, please connect online to stay connected!

Facebook: DeLisi Creative
Twitter: @DeLisiCreative
Instagram: @DeLisiCreative


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